Executive Director

We have continued to provide affordable housing opportunities to seniors, disabled households, families, and veterans.  In all, we have been able to meet the goals of our long-range plans  and maintain our status as a HUD-designated high performer.

These goals are not met by chance. These goals require determination and continuous assessment. They start with a strong Board of Commissioners who impart the vision of providing housing assistance to those most in need. They require a strong employment team who are dedicated to the mission of the Authority.  They require good communication, research into cost savings and grant opportunities, and reviewing the processes for better efficiencies. They require appropriate training and networking in the field. They require foot traffic on the sites and relationship building with residents. They require the fostering of community partnerships and programs. 

We don’t know what the future will bring, but Westerly Housing Authority is committed to the preparation and planning necessary to meet our goals; is ready to respond to the changing times, and is ready to continue to pursue its mission…providing affordable housing opportunities and comprehensive programs to enhance the lives of our clients.